Can I Sell My Car When the Transmission Needs Repair?

Once you discover that your car’s transmission is in dire need of repair, your plans to sell may feel obsolete. It can be hard to believe that anyone would want to buy a car with a faulty or damaged transmission — or any major repair, for that matter. 

However, this is a common misconception. In reality, there’s a large market for “junk” cars, despite the need for expensive repairs. Whether it’s for parts, scrap metal, or a restoration project, there’s a number of reasons why someone may want to buy your junk vehicle. 

If you have a car that needs major repair, like a new transmission, selling to a reputable car buying service like CarVIO takes the guesswork out of the selling process. CarVIO will buy cars that need new transmissions, repairs, and more.

What Do Car Buying Companies Take Into Account Before a Sale?

When determining the value of your used vehicle, car buying companies take a number of factors into account. This includes costly (but still quite common) potential problems, such as:

  • Suspension problems
  • Brake issues — although hydraulic and disc problems are pricier than worn pads, for instance
  • Failures of the emissions system
  • Electrical problems
  • Problems with electronics — you’re more likely to run into this issue if you’re selling a newer car
  • Engine problems
  • And most importantly, transmission issues can affect how car buying companies price your vehicle

In the case of most of these issues, they’re considerably more likely to develop in higher mileage, older, or seldom-driven cars. These are all pressing issues, and if your vehicle is affected by one or more of them, you can often expect this to be reflected in the buying price. 

Prior to selling your vehicle, get it thoroughly checked out by a reputable mechanic. Make sure the mechanic is taking a close look at any components or systems that you’re especially worried about. Have you been dealing with squeaky brakes lately? It’s important to mention this to your mechanic so that they’re able to investigate the issue further and determine the severity of the problem.

A broken transmission is not the death of a car. By selling your car to CarVIO, you can get around the obstacle of trying to convince somebody of your car’s worth. As a broker, our offers are often able to come in much higher than other car buying services – even if you need a new transmission.

How to Sell a Car in Need of a New Transmission 

In the world of car buying and selling, a bad transmission is considered to be a serious issue. Say you’ve recently bought a car and you’re looking to trade in your existing car. If your car needs a new transmission, there’s a high chance that the dealership will highly undervalue it. You may not be able to comp nearly any of the cost of the new car with the sale of the old. 

Even so, there are still a few options. If you’re looking to sell a car with a bad transmission., you can try these things:

  • Avoid selling to a dealer or trading in. When you’re looking to sell a car with a transmission issue (or any other serious problem), it’s best to make the sale yourself or use a car buying service. This way, you’ll be able to receive more money for your “junk” car, compared to if you had taken it to a dealership or opted for a trade-in. A lot of the time, people are interested in buying junk cars for parts or to begin a restoration project. However, it’s important to remain upfront and honest about the car’s problems. When you sell your vehicle “as is,” you’ll be able to easily avoid certain potential issues.
  • Try looking into junkyards. It may be beneficial to take a trip down to your local junkyard, or even your local junk removal service. Believe it or not, a fair number of these companies will offer you a decent price for your junk vehicle. This is because junkyards and junk removers are able to compress the metal, making a profit of their own. 
  • Get in touch with a used auto parts garage. Do you know of a garage that sells second hand parts? This could be a profitable option, when attempting to sell your car with a bad transmission. Sometimes, one of these garages could be interested in purchasing your entire car, rather than individual parts. 
  • Contact the car buyers at CarVIO. At CarVIO, we purchase any and all cars, regardless of condition. Plus, we’ll provide you with an instant offer. Upon approval, we’ll pay you on the spot.

It’s Possible to Sell Your “Junk” Car

If you’re in possession of a seriously damaged or junk car, it’s easy to assume the vehicle is unsellable. However, in most cases, this is far from the truth. No matter what repairs your car needs, it’s likely that it’s still sellable — so, don’t give up.

Before all else, just make sure you have an accurate idea of how much your car is worth — because this number could actually surprise you, and you don’t want to be lowballed for your vehicle — “junk” or not. 

Additionally, if you’re planning on selling a junk car, it’s still important to have your paperwork in order. However, when you sell with CarVIO, we’ll accept either a clean title or a salvage title, although neither is required. If you take the selling yourself route, you’ll be required to present either a lien or a clean title.

CarVIO Buys Damaged or Junk Cars

At CarVIO, we’re devoted to solving the key problems surrounding the car selling process. Our car buying services are fast, efficient, and free of unneeded hassle. Most importantly, we’re not going to lowball you or pay you less than the true worth of your vehicle. 

No matter the damage done or repairs needed, CarVIO is happy to purchase your used vehicle. With our platform, our customers know that they’ll be receiving a fair price and convenient service. We welcome junk car sellers to get in touch with us.
Interested in learning more about CarVIO? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or just give us a call at (760) 493-7781. We have locations across the United States.

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