Can I Sell My Car if It’s Been Wrecked and I Do Not Want to Fix It?

Sometimes, following a car wreck, your insurance provider isn’t going to be willing to help with repairs. This puts car owners in a complicated situation. After a wreck, it’s natural to be hesitant about driving a severely damaged vehicle, but it can also be difficult to decide whether or not it’s worth paying for repairs. Even more, if you decide against having the vehicle repaired, will you actually be able to sell it? Do car buyers accept damaged or totaled vehicles? Fortunately, some car buyers do—including CarVIO. 

So, before you purchase a new car, you’re going to need your old vehicle taken off of your hands. By using a car buying company like CarVIO, you can get a competitive quote for your vehicle – even if it’s been in a wreck. 

My Car Has Been Totaled—What Should I Do Now?

After an accident leaves your vehicle in disrepair, you’re likely to find yourself in a confusing position. After a wreck, there are a few key steps you will need to take before you get back on the road.  

First, you will need to deal with your insurance provider. If they refuse to help pay for vehicle repairs, it’s a wise idea to embark on the car selling process. Even if it feels like your vehicle is too damaged to be sold, this is rarely the case. Even severely damaged vehicles can often be sold for varying amounts of money. 

In order to accurately gauge the cost of repairs, an insurance company and mechanic will need to assess your vehicle. Sometimes, if a car has significant damage, it might end up with negative equity. This means that the total cost of repairs is greater than the amount the car is worth or the amount still owed on the car. 

At this stage, an owner may want to consider reaching out to car buying professionals. This can be as easy as submitting your information online. Car buying services can give you an offer in a matter of days and allow you to bring your damaged car to one of their locations or offer to pick it up on your behalf. CarVIO will give you payment as soon as a vehicle is picked up.  

Can I Sell My Vehicle if It Has Mechanical Damage?

No matter what the situation, mechanical damage can feel like a losing situation. With mechanical damage, there’s a fair chance that a vehicle will no longer be safe to drive, so continuing to use it might not be an option. This means that you’ll either need to pay for repairs or sell your damaged vehicle. 

However, if you discover that the cost of repairs exceeds the value of your vehicle, then you’ll find that there’s very little incentive to fix it. This can mean that an insurance company considers your car a total loss. If your car has been totaled, selling might be the only viable option.

If your vehicle has substantial mechanical damage, you might wonder if it is sellable.  Even if a vehicle isn’t driveable in its current state, it is still possible to sell it. 

Even if an insurance provider offers to pay for car repairs, this doesn’t necessarily mean that selling it isn’t the best course of action. In particular, if your car isn’t reliable, then it might not make sense to bother with repairs. The same thing applies if your car is older, as it will likely be more prone to issues over time. If the problem isn’t likely to be a one-time event, then selling your damaged vehicle may make more sense. 

Repeated mechanical issues can result in snowballing repair costs over time. This can add up to a greater financial loss than simply selling your car and purchasing a new one. 

Even if your vehicle is totaled, you still have the option to retain it (in most states). If you opt to retain your vehicle, then you’ll be free to sell it to a reputable car buyer such as CarVIO. Fortunately, services like CarVIO are available to purchase your damaged vehicle, taking it off your hands and giving you a fair payment. This way, you can receive compensation from your insurance provider and receive the income from selling your vehicle. 

If your insurance company is unwilling to compensate you for repairs, the best course of action is to consider selling your damaged vehicle rather than paying for out-of-pocket repair services. Thankfully, you don’t even have to fix up your car to make it sellable. Even if your car has been wrecked and is experiencing serious mechanical damage, many car buying services will pay you to take it off your hands.

Will a Dealership Buy My Damaged Vehicle? What About Private Buyers?

Before attempting to sell your damaged or totaled vehicle to a dealership, it is important to consider the value of your vehicle. Even if you find a dealership willing to purchase your damaged car, there’s still a considerable chance that you won’t be adequately compensated. 

Oftentimes,  a car buying service can offer you more value when you’re looking to sell a damaged or totaled vehicle. Private buyers may offer you more money than a dealership but the process of selling to a private buyer is often time-consuming and difficult. If you’re looking to expedite this process, a car buying service is a fast, seamless option. 

CarVIO Buys Wrecked Vehicles

If you’ve been in a wreck and your car has been damaged, contact the car-buying experts at CarVIO, as soon as possible. Interested in receiving a quote? Contact CarVIO by calling (760) 314-8786 today.

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