It’s as Easy as One, Two...Cash

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Tell Us About Your Car.

Selling your car to CarVIO is really easy.  All we need is a little information about your car and we get you paid!


Tell us about your vehicle.

  • Does your car run and drive?
  • Do you have a clear title with no loans or liens in your name?
  • Is the car missing any parts?

Get an instant offer.

Receive a no-hassle offer that is good for up to 7 days. All we need is some simple documentation.

We pickup your car and get you paid.

Schedule a free pick-up or drop off with no hidden fees. Receive your payment on the spot in as little as 48 hours.

Send Us Some Photos of Your Car.

We make it super simple. All we need is a few photos of your car.   One of each side of your car, one of the inside, engine and one of the mileage.

Does your car run and drive?

If your car runs and drives we ask that you send the picture of the odometer reading while your car is running so we can see that the tachometer is revving so we know the car runs.

Accidents or damage?

No problem just make sure you send pictures of the damage so we can bid your car properly and get you the most money possible.

What happens if my car won't start?

If your car won't start and you cannot get the odometer reading, we ask that you guestimate on the mileage to the best of your ability.

We will pick up your car and get you paid.

Getting paid is the easiest part.  You can either bring your car to one of our 100 locations (get exact location number from IAAI) and pick up a check the same day or we can come to you within 48 hours and drop off a check when we pick up your car and title.

How do I know when someone is coming to get my car?

One of our transportations managers will reach out to you by phone to let you know ahead of time when we will be arriving and work around your schedule!

What if my car won't run and drive?

Not a problem at all! All we ask is that the car is in a location a tow truck can access it. We cannot pick it up if its inside a garage or in a back yard.

Ready to dive in?

Sell your car to CarVIO

    Frequently asked questions

    No, our services are free!

    CarVIOOther Options
    All titles acceptedClean Title required
    Running, Slow-Running or Non-Running CarCar must be in running condition
    Dedicated US representativesBots or off-shore representatives

    Yes!  We have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been a member since April 2019.

    We're here for you 24/7

    We help you quickly sell your used vehicle right from your home. When you request an offer, you’ll get an immediate response with a buy bid. If the bid is accepted, we do our best to help you choose a convenient date for pickup. CarVIO handles all DMV paperwork and transportation fees. We take the stress out of selling your car!

    We buy all types of cars, running, slow-running or non-running.  

    • Wrecked
    • Damaged
    • Salvage Title
    • All Conditions
    • High Mileage
    • Doesn’t pass a smog check
    • All Makes and Models

    Our headquarters are in San Diego, CA and Clearwater, FL and we have branch locations in all 50 states.

    Ready to dive in?

    Sell your car to CarVIO