Ready To Sell My Car For Cash

Have you been telling yourself “it’s time to sell my car for cash”, but have been putting it off for some time because of the work and time involved? Let’s take a look at what really matters when you have decided you are ready to sell your car for cash and find the best methods to get paid a fair price. This article will help guide you through the process of selling your car for cash.

Price Isn’t the Only Thing You Should Consider

There are many more factors that go into selling a car than just coming up with the right asking price to ensure that it sells and you get the money that it’s worth. It’s a good idea to sit down and make a list of everything you will need to get done. Some of the things you should include on your list are fixing minor repairs, getting your car professionally cleaned, taking photos, writing a detailed description, and finding the value of your car. Below are some things you should consider when you have decided that you want to sell your car for cash.

Amount of Time Involved

If you plan to sell your car for cash as a private party sale, then you will want to consider the time it will take. It’s true that when you sell your car to a private party you will be able to get more money than a trade-in. However, you should also consider that time is money, and that you will incur additional expenses in order to get your car ready to sell, not to mention the cost to advertise your car in the marketplace. Take a look at the items below that will take up your valuable time:


When you sell your car, you will want to be sure that the car is spotless inside and out. It’s not an easy task to do on your own, and in order to get the car as clean as possible, you may want to have a professional detailer get the job done.


If your car needs a few minor repairs that can be fixed easily and cheaply, you may want to take the time to have them fixed. However, if your car is need of extensive, costly repairs, then you should be upfront about the issues with the new owner instead of spending your own time and money. Be sure you are honest about any known issues so that you don’t face any lawsuits in the future.


You can sell your car online or offline, but generally, there will time and an expense involved no matter where you decide to list the car for sale. It’s important that you put together an appealing ad to attract potential buyers.


Having a sufficient number of quality photos is required to sell a car. Even with a detailed description, you will still need to take time to take photos of the exterior and interior of your car. It’s suggested that you have 20 photos to sell your car, so be sure to take the time and capture pictures that help show off your call.


Once your car’s advertisement is up and running, you are bound to be flooded with potential buyers. Going through each email, voicemail and taking calls is time-consuming. However, some of the people that contact you may not be serious buyers. You may want to ask when they are planning to buy, whether they are buying the car for themselves, and how they plan to pay for the car to help you get an idea of how serious they are.


Hopefully, you have done a good job of screening and have some potential buyers. Now it will be time to show the car and set up a time for a test drive. This is often what takes the most time as you will have people who don’t show up and people who want to reschedule, on top of the overall time you spend with each potential buyer when you are showing the car.


It’s true that some people might sell their car within a day, but this is rare. You should expect that there will be time that you will wait for the right buyer to get the right amount of money for your car.


Once you choose a buyer for your car and are ready to close the deal you will have some decisions to make. You will need to schedule when the car will be given to the new owner as well as the safest way to obtain the money for the car.


The final step is to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and that the buyer does as well. You don’t want to miss anything and then not have the sale be final. You should plan on making a few trips to the DMV to complete the transaction.


Your Safety Comes First

Although you are eager to sell your car, you have to remember that selling your car is never more important than your safety. Be sure that when you plan to show your car that you are met in a well lit, public place that has security cameras. Also, never let a potential buyer take the car for a test drive without you in the car with them. When you do meet someone, have a plan in place. Let a family member or a friend know where you are or have them come with you.

We don’t want to scare you out of selling your car to a private party, but you should consider the possibility of something bad happening. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself to ensure your safety once you have decided to sell your car for cash.


Scammers Looking to Take Advantage

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that people can take advantage of you during a private car sale. They may provide you with a stolen check, a bad check or even counterfeit cash. Be prepared to do some research on how to accept payment when you are selling your car to a private party. It’s never recommended to accept a payment plan. Consider requesting a certified check and taking it to the bank immediately after the sale of the car.


The Stress of it All

Like most people, it’s hard to find time each day to do everything that you want. Adding something like selling a car to your already busy schedule is bound to add stress. You might find responding to all of the inquiries overwhelming, especially if they end up not being serious. There will likely be people who will provide a much lower offer or even try to scam you, which leads to stress. Then there is the stress of waiting to sell your car. The average time it takes to sell your car is 60 days. You might be asking yourself, “Is selling my car for cash really worth it?”

There are other options that will allow you to sell your car for cash that are fast and hassle-free. You may want to consider using a car buying service like CarVIO. CarVIO allows you to avoid stress, save time, circumvent being scammed, and avert risking your safety.

If you still want to sell your car but don’t want to deal with the headache of selling to a private party, then a car buying service like CarVIO can help.

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