Do Online Car Companies Really Buy Any Car?

You have probably seen ads from online car buying companies saying they will buy any car, but do they really? Their advertisements state “All we do is buy cars”, including cars that are wrecked, not running, slow running, and cars with high mileage. There is a growing number of companies that will buy any car, but there are often many stipulations attached.

A car that’s not running

Even though a company will advertise that they will buy any car, even if it isn’t running, they may request that you make your own arrangements to bring the car to them. In this case, you’ll have to pay for a towing company to transport the car in order to get your money. This will decrease the amount of cash you’ll end up with.

Age of the car

When you hear a car company say “All we do is buy cars” you may not think that the age of the car matters. However, some car buying companies have restrictions. For example, some car buying companies may not take a car that is 15 years or older.

Salvage Title

If your car is wrecked and you hear an advertisement saying “all we do is buy cars” you might be excited knowing you can get cash for your car. However, if the title has been salvaged some companies won’t make you an offer.

CarVIO – All We Do Is Buy Cars!

Modified Cars

If you have made modifications to your car, you might find that a car buying service won’t make you an offer. If the company is in the business of buying cars and reselling them, they likely won’t buy a car with extreme modifications. So if your car is a lowrider, has alloy wheels that are too large or small for the car or if you have removed the back seats you may be out of luck.

CarVIO – All We Do Is Buy Cars!

Make and Model

Believe it or not, the make and model of your car may also stop a car buying service from wanting to buy your car. If your vehicle doesn’t have a market value and a company doesn’t believe they will be able to resell your car or the parts, they may not make you an offer. In addition, if your car has unresolved recalls this could be another roadblock to a car buying service providing you with a quote.

As you can see, even when a car buying service says “All we do is buy cars!” there can be some major restrictions. The good news is that when CarVIO says “All we do is buy cars!”, we really mean it. Take a look at the chart below just to see if we mean what we say.

Will CarVIO Buy My Car?
Running, Slow-Running, or Not RunningYES!
Wrecked CarYES!
No TitleYES!
Salvage TitleYES!
Any ConditionYES!
High MileageYES!
Doesn’t pass a smog checkYES!
All Makes and ModelsYES!

If you think that using a car buying service that truly means it when they say “All we do is buy cars”, then CarVIO is here to help you get cash without the hassle.

CarVIO is Fast, Easy and Reliable! Visit us at to get your quote today and the cash for your car you want!

CARVIO – All We Do Is Buy Cars

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